When I was about thirteen, I looked around me at all the people rushing about, each one absorbed in their own world and it seemed to me each was living a different reality; why, I asked myself, should I believe my own reality rather than anyone else’s? This question has been at the root of my thinking ever since.

Different realities seek different types of explanations; different “Truths”. We can only perceive relationships and patterns of relationships, yet this central, fundamental fact about the nature of our knowledge seems difficult, nigh impossible for human beings to keep in mind. We want the “right answer” and we want to fall within our own perception. This is no small matter: we go to war, kill and torture because of it (or because of a belief in the Absolute Right of power, money and survival).

The progress of my thought has been marked by certain works across a variety of disciplines from medicine to Zen Buddhism, from communication theory to poetry. Forty years is a lot of thinking and I feel the need to give it expression – to leave my mark on the cave wall. The type of expression that I require is poetic: synthetic rather than analytic.

NUANCES is a book of photographs and writings about the nature of reality.
DECONSTRUCTING LOVE is a project concerning the relationship between language and perception.
DYNAMIC PROCESS is a book in progress concerning the nature of human experience and expression of the world.