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I cannot reduce the world to the brutality of certainty. The more I look the more the complexity of surface and shadow shifts and elude me. My understanding; the act of perception bears no relation to the photographic stamp of instantaneous equality. It is pure process, shifting as mood. Endless approximations always precipitating on the brink of chaos. Without time we are nothing more than angels transfixed in perfection from which there is no release.

To render comprehensible is to simplify; to make choices. To fix; to ignore and to become insensitive to the nuance of distraction.”

I have been contemplating this particular perspective on the lake for twenty years.

A landscape constructed from momentary glimpses, grafted on to fragments of memory; pieces of a whole from which we are separated by time and perspective.

The camera pastry-cuts a rectangle from its seamlessness and analyses it into a grid of numbers. The unique moment of choice engraved in the memory of silver salts is replaced by the dynamic potential of the pixel; a tool for the considered hesitancy of a Cezanne: “is this what I saw, and at what moment?”

We record a pattern of numbers; open to translation through process: screen, printer, paper; each offering its own particular interpretation.

We may perhaps slip through a breath of time, glimpse the divine, by entering deeper into this mystery of the moment; heightening our awareness, grasping change and changelessness across the nuance of nature, time, vision memory.

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