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The Drawing Master

A book that merges a course in how to draw with reflection on the nature of reality and the story of my father…

“Who is not engaged in trying to leave a mark, to engrave his image on the others and the world- graven images held more dear than life itself? We wish to die leaving our imprints burned on the hearts of the others.”


”..In 1728 William Chelsdon, an English Surgeon, removed the Cataracts from the eyes of a thirteen–year–old boy born blind. Despite his high intelligence and youth, the boy encountered profound difficulties with the simplest visual perceptions. He had no idea of distance. He had no idea of space or size. And he was bizarrely confused by drawing and paintings, by the idea of a two–dimensional representation of reality.”

Approximations: The skein of the intellect thrown across the world, drawing it into form: fragile exercise in speculation, almost as abstract as mathematics: a tentative hypothesis on what the world might be in its wholeness.
Meditation between object and sensation – pure light, electric sensation taking form somewhere in the darkness of the head. Shifting patterns ruled into structures and significance through the structure of neurones the filter of memory.At this point, between everything and nothing: between empty formula and chaos – between language and a meaningless babble of random noise I approach this act of drawing.
She is there, concrete enough this girl, a detached nakedness on a podium. Beautiful, I think; a full breast and the roundness of a female stomach plummeting secretly down and inviting the curve of the hand.
The potential is so powerful.



    My Masters thesis on the effect of technology on education