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Dynamic Process

‘Dynamic Process’ is the name of my book in progress. Its subject is no less than the nature of human perception of reality; what we can, and cannot, know and the nature of “Truth”.

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As an experiment, the ongoing development will take place through this blog:

Born into the separation of existence we forget the eternity from which we come; seeing the world from here we become fixed in our perspective, in our egocentric divide. Man kills, destroys and dominates in the name of truth and in the blindness of selfishness. My reality against yours; my success against yours. All is sacrificed before, blindness, fear, desire for power and control: der Wille zur Macht”.

It is as if the endless rich variety of difference cannot be tolerated and we globalize everything into standardization and sameness with primitive force or finance.

What can make a difference? The humble are destroyed by the arrogant. Power is seized by those least suited to wield it.  The individual is swallowed by the global company.

Only education can enlarge the vision and we replace education with training.

Why write what has been written a thousand times? To bear witness to a simple truth that is eternal and must be kept alive.

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