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The world is dynamic process

The world is dynamic process of which we are one small infinitesimal part. It cannot be fixed and all description is subjective in time and in its point of view. The Buddha taught that beyond this world created by our own senses and limitations, the phenomenal world dissolves into a dynamic process. The true nature […]

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Dynamic Process

‘Dynamic Process’ is the name of my book in progress. Its subject is no less than the nature of human perception of reality; what we can, and cannot, know and the nature of “Truth”. See the book page on the site As an experiment, the ongoing development will take place through this blog: Born into […]

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Trying to understand…

Trying to understand: trying to be clear, to articulate the fragments of thoughts and feelings that make up our perception of reality. Looking for links, for contradictions, for repetitions. Trying to see how a subject, under reflection might be perceived otherwise from another point of view. Looking for examples of what confirms or contradicts what […]

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A new site after ten years!

A new website after ten years: moving from a static, “showcase” site to employing Web2 philosophy of sharing an ongoing discourse with links to external social networks. Another approach… A new way of working and of thinking about communication: creating links across the Web, rather than just an individual ‘space’. Working online and participating in […]

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